Get your Business

in – formation

with Koi Unified Solutions

Get your Business

in – formation

with Koi Unified Solutions

How I can help you…

Managing a business is demanding. I can help you get organized and take some things off your plate.

I meet you where you are at, identify gaps in your business and bring needs to the surface in order to deliver the appropriate system for your workflow.

Together, we will ensure that your processes and procedures are aligned with your goals; providing you a foundation for success.

My evaluation system will analyze how you manage your business, from marketing all the way down to information and data organization.

Whether you are starting new or have an established business, I can help. Together we’ll identify your needs, creating a structure to streamline all of your “behind the scenes” work.

You concentrate on the big picture and let me sweat the “small stuff” so you don’t have to.

I figure things out and get stuff done. Period.

It’s just how I’m built.

“I highly recommend Corrie’s services! She was a godsend for me at a time when I was getting overwhelmed with the logistics of running my business. She came in and listened to me with a kind and caring heart and helped me implement systems that have made my life so much easier. We worked together to coordinate Square and QuickBooks and she was very patient while teaching myself and my staff the new programs. Corrie was also willing to research other online systems to find the best fit for my business. She is a very professional, knowledgeable and compassionate person that has a skill for helping others and catering to the individuals needs. If you have stress about running your business including learning online systems, bookkeeping, etc. I highly recommend hiring Corrie to step in and help, you don’t have to do it all alone!”     

Rachel Davies

Essence Physical Therapy

“When I met Corrie, my business was in a state of chaos. I was in the middle of a transition and, though I had always handled things myself, it became clear this was no longer a viable plan. She organized my systems, kept track of multiple programs and brought order to my business. She now tends to details I no longer need to worry about. She manages everything, from basic bookkeeping to IT and I’m grateful every day. Her role in my business allows me peace of mind. And as a bonus – she’s not only reliable, but her sense of humor is refreshing!!”    

Dr Nancy Jonker

Integrative Healing Centre

About Me

  • trustworthy
  • reliable
  • dependable
  • honest
  • with integrity
  • loyal
  • no matter what it is…don’t worry, I’ve got it.

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